I've been working on my marketing campaign for quite some time now. I've been preparing to go out, and share the good news of my business. It's been a hard process, and I truly feel choked out by thorns sometimes. I haven't marketed my business much since I've started it, and it has resulted in me not getting much business over the years. So what was I doing all that time? Well I was learning how to screen print, how to manage orders, learning graphic design, and learning how to set up and stick to a budget for my business. Recently, I've even set up my website and that has taken a lot of time. But here I am, I'm basically all ready to go. I understand how to screen print, how to work in graphic design, how to fill out orders, how to budget, I really know the inside of my business. Now for the outside of the business, marketing. I don't know why I've been so afraid to market, I just have been. I know I'm really good at what I do, in every single aspect of my business. I can take care of my customers well and make sure that they are pleased with every part of my service. So what's the problem? I just don't know. I guess there's a few problems. For one, I'm scared. I'm so intimidated about what to say to people. I want to say the right thing, I want to justify my heart, and be obedient to God. Of course there's the money aspect. I want so hard to seek God's kingdom, and to glorify Him first. I want to bring Him glory, and have a right heart about my business. I want to serve the right master. The second problem comes from the first, I'm super intimidated about what I might say, and I have an almost paralyzing fear of failure and rejection. I know that these fears are irrational, so I am going to go through with it anyways. I am going to pray, and seek God for the words. I may have writers block now, but I will trust in God, and have faith in His goodness. Dear Lord, direct my steps, and help me to bring you glory, seek first your kingdom, and God MEET MY NEEDS! I love you Lord, and I will trust in you.